"It was a metamorphosis, like I had been sleeping, for years, and then woke up and learned what it feels like to fly."


Shai Livnat, Guitar       Michael Yedid, Guitar       Noam Tal, Bass       Aviv Perry, Drums 

Avalon is an Instrumental Post Rock band formed in 2008 in Haifa, Israel.

Experimenting with sounds, feedbacks and repetitive melodies Avalon was a unique performance in the hardly non-existent post-rock scene in Israel. 

In 2009 the band recorded their first EP Silver/white and started performing around Israel as much as they could.

Avalon's shows were described by fans as "...a spiritual journey into the depths of the human soul".. Their everlasting goal was to create a monumental wall-of-sound they had reached in their rehearsal room.

Noam Tal joined the band as a bass player in 2010 and the band recorded their debut album Mountains into Sand in their studio in Kibutz Dalia. The album was originally released as a CD and now it is available for streaming.

The band performed at the two biggest Indie-Rock festivals in Israel: inDnegev and Ye’arot Menashe as well as many other venues around Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.

Despite their good friendship and true passion for creating post-rock music, the band broke up by the end of 2011. 

Since then Aviv Perry continued writing and recording music under the name Avalon.

Albums that has been released so far include: 

Æ (2011)

Daffodils (2013)

Thousand Layers to Heaven (2014)

En Saga (2015)

Autumn Wind (2017)

Cover Art by Eka Peery

Updated June 2019